1. Where do the funds go when placing a deal?

The funds are sent to the decentralized pool, which is controlled by Ethereum smart contract, neither any third party, including the platform, has access to this pool.


2. What is the p2p trade platform?

The p2p trade is a decentralized platform where traders can trade among themselves. The platform does not store the funds of traders and deals are placed in the Ethereum smart contract, after expiration the total amount of all deals are distributed among the traders who are set to win.


3. What percentage does the platform receive from its operations?

The platform receives 8% commission from all deals completed on the platform.


4. How does the p2p trade platform differ from ordinary binary options brokers like Binomo, Olymp Trade, etc.?

The p2p trade platform is not centralized. If in simple terms, this platform is a lot of bridges that lead from each trader to the Ethereum smart contract, and the smart contract is an island that is surrounded by kilometer-long walls that no one can get to. When making deals from each trader, a certain amount of ETH goes over the bridge into a smart contract, after completion of the deal, the smart contract divides the entire amount between the winners in equal proportion to their rates and returns each back over the same bridge where the traders sent funds to the smart contract. And also smart contract sends 8% from all sume by a separate bridge to the platform ETH wallet.

And the difference is very simple, the platform earns a fixed percentage (8%), it makes no sense for the platform to interfere in the work, moreover, it does not have such an opportunity because everything is transparent.

An important factor is that quotes come directly from real-time cryptocurrency exchanges and the price can be checked as well as compared because The chart shows what the price is transmitted and from where.


5. How is the profit distributed among traders after the completion of the deal?

Profit is distributed equally proportionally as a percentage, depending on the amount of the deal placed by the trader.


6. How deposit money to trade?

The platform does not hold the funds of its clients so there is no need to make a deposit. To work with the platform, you need to install an Ethereum wallet extension called MetaMask in your browser. Through this expansion, transactions are placed as well as profits are returned back to your wallet. Instructions on how to install the MetaMask extension- CLICK HERE