The 2p2 trade platform is unique in its kind and provides traders with the opportunity to interact with each other through the peer to peer system, i.e. without intermediaries participating in the trading.

The platform works on the basis of Ethereum cryptocurrency smartcontract, where all actions are performed by a system whose algorithm is freely available and no one can interfere with its work.

Platofrm does not store funds and does not require traders to make a deposit to trade on it. Payments are made through the MetaMask browser extension, which is an ethereum wallet that is reliable and no one else has access to it.

The platform receives 8% of the profit from the turnover of all transactions made on the platform. Thus, the platform is not interested in traders loses and only provides support for interaction between traders and for this it receives well-deserved comission.

The main goal of the platform is earnings, which directly depends on the number of satisfied users who do not leave the site and even attract their friends to it. The main advantages of are formed:

  • The site does not receive income from lost deposits. All profits are formed from the number of operations on the trading platform, so we strongly contribute to increasing user activity and their involvement in the long distance.
  • On, a trader trades against the same trader. Broker is excluded from the process completely.
  • All deals are recorded in a publicly available smart contract, any changes of which become a well-known fact and cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the site.
  • The site does not have its own wallet and does not require anything to deposit. All transfers will be made using MetaMask browser expansion, right at the moment of placing the transaction. And on its completion, ETH will immediately go to the wallets of the winners.
    This opportunity appeared due to the creation of the Smart contract in the Ethereum network.


                                                   How are we different from others and why is it profitable to trade with us:

  • Complete decentralization.
  • The platform does not store your funds.
  • Both short and long expirations up to 7 days are implemented;
  • No need to pass verification and various KYC (Know Your Customer);
  • There are no minimum and maximum betting limits;
  • Absolutely transparent quotes;
  • The platform works non-stop 24/7;
  • Technical support is available at any time of the day.